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Podcast video Episode #1 transcript (14/3/20)

Video can be viewed: here

Neil: Welcome to episode 1 of the Ticket Punks gig review YouTube channel my name, is Neil,

John:  I’m John,

Neil: and we are the Ticket Punks. We’ll explain what we’re going to do, the concept of what we’re doing, and thanks first of all for either tuning into the podcast or for looking up this video, we really appreciate that.

This is going to be a regular series hopefully gig reviews going forward, we’ve got a big guest for episode 2 we’ll be discussing a gig that both him and I went to. To introduce us, John and Neil, we’ve known each other going on 18 years now, played in bands together, John’s a hell of a bass player, I try to play the drums, and we’ve been in various bands so we got a lot of gigs, not always together. We got to a lot of gigs all over the country over UK and we saw something happen last year with a ticket sale on Facebook and we thought it needed addressing, and we could do something about it.

So, there was a sale, I think it was in the Summer, maybe June or July, Slipknot were putting tickets on sale, and there were various pre-sales, there was an artist presale, and a Live Nation pre sale, there may have been an O2 priority I can’t remember now, but what happened, and this never usually happens at 10 o’clock on the Friday, on Ticketmaster, for the Glasgow Hydro in Scotland, there were no standing tickets available for the public, when the tickets went on sale, and that’s unusual. They usually keep some back yeah and we saw a hell of a reaction.

John: It was, within the first five minutes you seen the social media just kicking off with people just really the same as we were, totally confused with this, never seen it before with the amount of gigs and things you buy tickets for, to get no standing tickets, so quickly and like you said, was there five pre-sales, four or five, so almost one every day and that’s really where the seed for the idea came from. “What’s this all about? How does this all work out”?

Neil: So what we realised is that we’re never that Friday 9 o’clock Ticketmaster guy, we always get our tickets in pre sales because we put in the work. We put in the homework, we sign up to mailing lists, we do our digging, and this gigs come up should we go, when can we got a pre sale, there’s one on Wednesday, there’s one on Thursday, by the time Friday comes around, we’ve got our tickets in the bag.  On this Friday, Slipknot had a post and an event on Facebook, and people were losing their minds saying why are there no tickets on sale for the general public to stand, because at those type of gigs nobody wants to sit down especially at The Hydro. Great venue, but not if you’re sitting.

John: Not for Slipknot.

Neil: So we looked at it and thought “right, we can do something with this”, so we started thinking, we should start a ticket community, where we help people get pre-sales so we had a think about the best way to do it, and we came up with using an app called Discord which is a chatroom app which was actually created for gamers years ago. I’ve been in Discords before, I think you’ve been in, once or twice John ,so we know how it works, and you can actually make them private which is quite handy so what we thought we would do is create a ticket community whereby if you join us for a small fee a month, you’re privy to all the pre sales we find so we scour the internet every week and we’ve signed up to loads of mailing lists. We find out when everything goes on sale, and our members in our chat room get to find out as soon as it goes on sale.

John: Yeah I mean the work we put in at the start of the week to prepare, some of the Fridays that we’ve done so far have been outrageous the number of links we’re having to try and put up, the Thursday and Fridays, and you’re now seeing Thursday at 9 and 10 o’clock which kick in as well, and the whole idea is to just create this little community where people can get their tickets and if you like, beat the beat the bots and beat the touts a little bit, to get the tickets and get themselves into the gig where they want to be, in the standing bit, rather than seated about 500 yards back from everybody’s heads.

Neil: So just on that yeah, you’re probably aware that some guys use bots, like robots, to snap up a lot of tickets on a Friday on Ticketmaster, which immediately go onto resale sites at double the price. So we don’t we don’t want anybody being the Friday 9 o’clock guy on Ticketmaster we want everybody to have their tickets by then, so they don’t have to use resale sites. Ticketmaster have their own reselling, it’s that bad, that they have their own reselling which just bumps the price up. They have a new thing called Platinum Tickets, if a gig starts to sell out they will take certain seats they’ve got left and bump the price up before it sells out it’s just unfair, it’s completely unfair,

so we think we’ve got a little solution to this. So Ticket Punks was basically born late December and we started trying out the chat room thing a while back and it seems to be working quite well and as John says we put a lot of work in upfront in the week, watching for sales coming up and what we’ve started doing now because people, I don’t know about you, people are messaging me through the week saying “can you find me a link for this, can you find me a link for that?”. It happened yesterday, JLS had a tour, and somebody messaged me and I said “well if you’d signed up, you would have got…” we’ve been posting it all week on the Discord”, and the thing is, we’ve got kids and the people who are messaging me have kids and it’s gigs for the kids they want it’s not gigs for them, it’s that, they call it “pester power”, the parents like, “Dad, Dad, we have to get these tickets”. I know some of the people who have joined the Discord already have kids and they’ll be some of that but I said well if you joined up you would have had the tickets already because there’s been three pre-sales this week and the guy didn’t know that, it’s people like that we’re trying to help because guys like us and a lot of the guys we go at gigs with, we don’t have this problem because we we put the effort in. It’s when I say to someone “oh, did you get tickets for your son to go to that that tour? It’s all sold out now”. “I didn’t know it was happening – he’s going to lose it because I don’t know about that tour”. Well we’ll tell you about that.

John: That was one thing I never thought of, when we thought of Ticket Punks is that it’s great when it’s the bands you’re into, so I’ll be on mailing lists for bands I like, Rush when they were touring, and Foo Fighters things like that, I’ve not got myself on the mailing list for JLS because that’s just not my bag, might be my kid’s bag, so this is where Ticket Punks I think scores really well and that you don’t have to be in these mailing lists now we’ll do that for you, and I never thought that when we were looking into this at first.

Neil: And signing up for a mailing list sounds really simple but we know people aren’t doing it, people just aren’t going to the effort so we’ve signed up to a lot of mailing lists, we a) find out from bands and artists and comedians and family shows directly, but we also trail Ticketmaster AXS, Eventim, O2, all these and pull everything in, so there are announcements every day, we’re grabbing the big ones because to do it manually there’s just far too much so we’re having a think about that, if we can automate it but for now it seems to be working quite well we’re putting up 30 to 40 links on a Friday, so what we do is our members get the pre sales on the chat all all through the week and we’ve started a mailing list so if you want to find out what goes on sale as John says 9 a.m. on a Friday I think it was a half 9:00 yesterday and 10:00 a.m. we’ll let you know because we can’t charge you that information that’s just that’s the public information, we’re happy to share that. So we’ve got a mailing list if you go to the website on the homepage right at the bottom there’s a mailing list form you just fill it in and we’ll send you something every Thursday night and that tells you exactly what’s going on sale on a Friday morning and we also take that list and post it on Facebook, we’ll try and get round all the socials, but Facebook’s the main one for us right now and we post that on a Friday morning at half-past 8 so you’re getting information for free as well so we’re happy to do that, that’s not a problem whatsoever.

John: That’s one bit, that’s the business bit if you like, what we like to do, what we’ve not talked about is the community, and almost the first chat we had about this we talked about gig reviews and getting actual gig goers to give us actual experiences of actual gigs, including where they’re staying, where they’re going for a decent pint, where they’re parking, where they can get a nice burger afterwards or beforehand, all that sort of stuff and this is where we’re really looking for everybody to come in, this is where we need their view in their community it really start helping us, that’s why I’m quite looking forward to Episode 2, we’ve got somebody who’s been at one or two gigs in his time, just a few, just one or two, and who’s going to give us a good bit of chat, on a really big gig that he’s been to fairly recently so I’m looking forward to hearing than that, but the community is the big one that we we want to push, as well as the “business business business”.

Neil: John’s right, because we’ve started that chat already we’ve got a few members but we’re not in any hurry here, this is a long-term thing for us, we want to be THE UK ticket community, there’s no rush here, people keep saying to me “how’s it going”? and I said “ask me in two years”. There is absolutely no rush here, we’re very patient, want it to grow slowly, when things go too quickly it can be an issue so we always like to try and do things nice and slow but John’s right we want a database built up where we have all that information you spoke about the tips and tricks, where to the park, if you go to that venue right across the UK. We’re obviously in the, Central Belt of Scotland we know quite a bit about what’s going on up here but we want to spread that out and I’ve got four or five gigs in England next year so we’ll be on the lookout while we’re there what happened there where did we park, because parking is a huge thing when you go to gigs, trying to get out of gigs at the end, and you know you want you want to be quick away and so we’re looking to do that, but that’ll take time and that’s fine for us we’re in no hurry here.

The gig review thing is, we’d love for you to come in sit here and go through with John or I a gig review, you know we want that every month. We looked on YouTube and we couldn’t find one dedicated gig review channel that was just for gig reviews, people go to gigs and do reviews, but we go to so many gigs, and we know people who go to a lot of gigs, why not try and get THE gig review channel on YouTube and again patience, we’ll take our time with it, there’s no rush.

John: I think it’s important to get everyone involved in that, and I don’t want it just to be my or Neil’s view of bands, I went to see Tiny Meat Gang last week with my daughter and I’m not the target audience and so I could give you a review right now that’s not going to be great for those guys, it’s not going to be great for their fans either, but the place was full, they filled the O2 Academy and people were loving it but just I wasn’t digging it so it’s not for me to come and sit and review that, that’s where we’re looking for the fans to come in and we want that community to give us the chat on how the gigs meant to be, and did it work for the fans that’s the important bit for me.

Neil: Exactly I’ve spoken to people who have bought tickets through our links and I’ve said you better come and review that with us come along and tell you, it’s not a band I’d go and see, John and I err on the kinda heavier side of music we like other stuff too but most of the stuff, we listen to is on the heavier side so we want people who aren’t in that community to come in and tell us about the gigs they went to see or even the comedians and the family shows, let us know what you thought about it.

So that’s the whole aim of Ticket Punks, I think that sums it up for Episode one quite nicely and as I say this is a new channel if you’re listening to a podcast please please review us on there please start subscribing to it if you’re watching us on YouTube we would love for you to subscribe and press the little bell make sure you get every notification that we have and tell us what you think beneath this video, if you think it’s a load of rubbish let us know we’ll take all feedback and move on, we’ve got quite thick skins, we’ll be fine, go for it, but for now I think that I’ll wrap up for Episode one John?

John: And we’ll see you the gigs. 

Neil: Thanks for your time, cheers.


The main aim of Ticket Punks is to ensure members can attain tickets before general sales. No-one wants to miss out on tickets and then have to roll the dice with the secondary ticket market and the possibility of having to deal with touts who have swept in and bought up lots of tickets.

We’ve had experience of being scammed for Ticketmaster tickets via FB events, but would you know what your rights were if you ended up in a situation of having purchased either fake tickets or turned up at a venue only to be turned away?

Ed Sheeran famously cancelled every ticket bought for his gigs from ViaGoGo and fans had to buy new ones on the spot. His argument was fans could seek a refund from ViaGoGo, and bands like Iron Maiden have sold tickets were you have to take your credit card with you to prove you purchased them which resulted in a 95% reduction in the number of resold tickets. The solutions are there if acts wish to put the effort in.

The link below link is to a great article on what to do if you get scammed. Please feel free to share this page as this may help someone you know:



One thing we absolutely hate at Ticket Punks are scammers. Those people who try to take advantage of the demand for tickets to make a fast buck. If we see it we’ll call it out as soon as possible.

Here are some Golden Rules to help you avoid this:

1) if you decide to pay for tickets from someone online ALWAYS use PayPal Goods and Services. This means if the deal goes wrong you are covered. DO NOT use Friends and Family with someone you have never met before. You have no recourse with PayPal so please do not use this (we learned the hard way years ago and got lucky with PayPal so they refunded/blocked the seller’s account) and always insist on G&S.

2) Have a look at their profile. Scammers are lazy. They don’t go to the effort of creating a realistic profile. It’s usually easy to tell if the profile is fake. A lot of these people are abroad – why would someone who lives in the US, Africa, Italy etc have tickets to a series of UK shows?

3) If you see these posts in a FB event for a band, check the comments in the other events on the same tour.  Scammers may be lazy, but they think you’re stupid. Do your homework and don’t get caught out!

If you’re also against scammers please SHARE this page with your friends to ensure they din’t get scammed! Good luck 🙂